Mattress Brand Reviews: Basics And Secrets For A Good Sleep

How We Review The Products

Sleepingchoice is focused on providing genuine information to help our customers choose the best mattress for their needs. When we write our reviews, we are always focused on a lot of factors: from firmness to durability, from warranty to ease of use. We usually check hundreds of real reviews to write a review; we filter out fake reviews and fake review sites to provide only real and honest information to our readers. Here’s the factors we evaluate.

First of all, we pay a lot of attention to the firmness and softness of a product (not to be confused with comfort). We understand that an extra-comfortable mattress for one person can oftentimes feel too firm or too sinkable for the next person — "comfort" is one of the most subjective factors when it comes to evaluating mattresses. That's why we don't focus on comfort but on firmness and softness — yes, these two factors are very subjective, too, but we research the reviews thoroughly (only the real reviews, of course) to provide our readers the most trusted and reliable information.

Support is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress, but it's very subjective, too — what is good for a 100-lb side sleeper will not be the best choice for a 200-lb stomach sleeper. That's why we do our best to find the mattresses that would work best for people of different sizes and sleep positions.

Of course, we evaluate the quality and durability of the mattresses. External and internal materials, general sturdiness, edge support, durability — we read hundreds of reviews written by real customers to understand if the mattress feels strong and if it will last long.

Breathability and cooling are very important, too — no one likes sleeping on a hot mattress. That's why we do our best to understand if a certain mattress is breathable and if it feels cool to lie on.

There are some other factors we evaluate, e.g ease of use, warranty, and trial period. A good mattress must be easy to flip or rotate (because all of them must be rotated/flipped at least once per 6 months). The warranty must cover sagging (which is one of the most common defects), broken coils (if it's an innerspring or hybrid mattress), bunching, etc. The overall warranty length is important, too, as well as the type of coverage (the longer the non-prorated warranty is, the better). Of course, we don't ignore trial periods — we at Sleeping Choice do our best to check if the trial period policy of the manufacturer is consumer-friendly (e.g some companies have free pickups for returns while the others charge a fee).

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