Mattress Brand Reviews: Basics And Secrets For A Good Sleep

Our Team

Who creates content for Sleeping Choice? Who writes reviews and guides, monitors the market, and gives expert advice to our site visitors? Of course, it’s not a single person. All the content you can see on this site is the result of the work of the entire team that we were creating for years. 

We can provide you with the relevant information on mattresses, their effects, features, tips on how to choose the right product due to Taylor Burke, our chief editor, the one who coordinates the work for all staff writers and has a lot of experience as a mattress salesman, Laura Walker, our best-skilled copywriter, and Ella Ware—our healthcare consultant who corrects all the mistakes we can make and helps our site visitors find the best mattresses for your health and great night sleep. 

People Working Hard To Improve Your Sleep

Taylor Burke

Meet our chief editor, Taylor Burke! He has come a long way since he’s been a mattress salesman—he started as our author, and now he’s creating, managing, and editing content for SleepingChoice.

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Laura Walker

Who writes our guides on how to choose mattresses, when to buy them and how to use them? Laura does! Who creates super detailed reviews of mattresses and other products.

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