Mattress Brand Reviews: Basics And Secrets For A Good Sleep

Taylor Burke

Taylor Burke—Editor, sleep expert, a person who coordinates the work of our staff writers

The One Who Creates & Edits Content for SleepingChoice

Taylor Burke is the one who writes about mattresses and edits the articles written by our staff writers. He’s pretty much responsible for every piece of content you can find on, and that’s not only about proofreading. Taylor has been a mattress salesman in Connecticut for 5 years, and one of the founders of SleepingChoice met him when analyzing the market and testing the new mattresses in this very store. Well, we were hunting talents at that time, and we realized that we needed this guy to create the best exclusive expert content for our websites. The problem was Taylor was not even a copywriter, and we encouraged them to take the creative writing courses called The Craft of Setting and Description in Wesleyan University. 

Lucky us—he was talented and quickly learned a lot of copywriting and editing skills. Now, it’s been 3 years since Taylor passed his exams. During this time, Taylor wrote tons of expert articles, started to proofread the articles of other writers, and teach them—after all, not all copywriters have such a priceless experience of working as a mattress salesman. Very soon, he was promoted to our chief editor, and we have never regretted our decision. With Taylor, we can be 100% sure that the content posted on SleepingChoice is not only comprehensive and easy-to-read, but also that it can be really useful for our site visitors as Taylor still keeps visiting mattress stores, not as a seller but as an expert who wants to monitor all the changes in the market, test new products, and provide our readers with the most relevant information on the good-old best-selling mattress and new products including beddings and pillows.