Mattress Brand Reviews: Basics And Secrets For A Good Sleep

Laura Walker

Who’s Laura Walker? Meet Our Best Staff Writer Creating Content For You

Laura Walker—Staff writer, the one who creates most content, including mattresses reviews

Laura is our staff writer, our best staff writer, actually. She creates nearly 70% of the content of, including mattress reviews and guides. Before joining our team, Laura worked as a freelance writer where she created cryptocurrency guides, analyzed cryptocurrency forecasts, news, and market at large. Cryptocurrency is still her hobby (a pretty beneficial for those in our team who are interested in this topic and expert opinion on the latest crypto trends, too) but creating mattress reviews and analyzing another complex market is now her job.

We met Laura when she was looking for new job opportunities and well, experienced some problems with night sleep. As you probably know, even writing about crypto may be stressful, and stress is not one of the things that improve our sleep. We offered Laura to try writing about the completely new niche, and as she now says, she thought why not? I have problems, I want my job to be less stressful, and what can be less stressful than writing about sleep? Our chief editor, Taylor Burke, agreed to become a mentor for Laura and taught her everything he knew about mattresses in just a few months. Sleeping, mattresses, pillows, materials from memory foam to organic latex were all she thought about, but her results were more than just impressive.

As Laura says, she is happy that she has prioritized good sleeping one day and turned her interest into a job.

Quote from Laura: I knew how stress can ruin your sleep. I knew it can cause insomnia. But I didn’t realize that it’s not the only thing that matters for those who are struggling to have good-old 8-hour sleep. Mattresses, pillows, constructions, frames, that was the entire new world for me, and that changed my life in every sense. Now I can use this knowledge to help other people like me make the right choices faster and more easily. Isn’t that great? I believe it is.